bio Eco Flooring Midnight: T3604

Item Number T3604
Collection Striations BBT
Color Midnight
Size 305 mm x 610 mm x 3.2 mm
Shape Rectangle


Inspired by the natural qualities found in ancient stone and time-weathered wood, Armstrong Flooring’s environmentally-friendly Striations BBT bio-flooring opens the door to unlimited options to help you create stunning floor layouts. The tonal striated pattern, in convenient 12” x 24” tiles, creates a seamless visual that coordinates with the complete portfolio of our commercial flooring products.

Striations BBT is ideal for heavy-traffic corridors in K-12 and higher education buildings, retail spaces and corporations - providing elegant visuals and the environmental features desired by clients seeking sustainable, modular design solutions. 

Striations BBT™ Bio-Flooring


General Specifications
Item Number T3604
Item Name Midnight
Collection Striations BBT
Visual Specifications
Color Midnight
Shape Rectangle
Performance Specifications
Light Reflectance 0-9%
Physical Specifications

For Size: 305 mm x 610 mm x 3.2 mm Rectangle

Pieces per Carton 22
Coverage Per Carton

44 square feet
4.08773 square meters

Installation Method Full spread

Coordinated Accessories

Coordinating Wall Base Colors

Floor Care & Repair