Case Study Wake Technical Community College

Project Details
Project: Wake Technical Community College
Segment: Education
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Designer / Architect: Boomerang Design
Contractor: TCC Enterprises, Inc.
ARMSTRONG FLOORING: Medintone with Diamond 10 Technology; Medintech with Diamond 10 Technology; Natural Creations Mystix with Diamond 10 Technology

Wake Technical Community College, Rejuvenating the Health Sciences Building

Aspiring dental assisting students at Wake Technical Community College (WTCC) are going to get the most realistic training possible, and it’s not just from the dental professionals who will be mentoring and looking over their shoulders. The Dental Assisting Program, as well as the Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Program, underwent a renovation decades in the making to create the most ideal and pristine learning areas that simulate real-world professional environments.

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, WTCC is home to the Perry Health Sciences Campus, which prepares students for careers in nursing, dental hygiene, emergency medical science, and other high-demand healthcare professions. The College called on Boomerang Design, an architecture firm with an office in Raleigh, to design a new simulated learning environment on the third floor of Health Sciences Building #1.

Led by Project Manager Duane Hutchins, Director of Interiors Teressa Merck, and Project Designer Emily Perry, the Boomerang Design team was tasked with selecting the right flooring solution for each space of the project. Not only did they have to consider design aesthetics, they had to keep performance and budget in mind. Learn how a combination of Natural Creations LVT, and Medintech and Medintone sheet flooring, created the desired professional setting in a cost-effective manner.


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