srf Slip Retardant Flooring Murray Clay: 5A513711

  • Product Details
Item Number 5A513711
Color Murray Clay
Size 1.83 m x 16 m x 2.0 mm
Shape Sheet


A new innovation in slip resistant vinyl flooring. Developed especially to satisfy the growing market demand for an enhanced slip-retardant, easy maintenance, less demanding floor covering.

  • Accolade Safe was born from the demand for an "easier to maintain" slip resistant floor covering.
  • A "safety floor" without impregnated silicon carbide chips that attract and hold dirt and increase the maintenance effort and the wear and tear on cleaning equipment.
  • The embossed surface (reduces aquaplaning), while aiding slip resistance, also helps to hide subfloor imperfections.
  • AS4586:2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials
  • P3 (X) wet pendulum
  • B – wet bare foot inclining platform
  • R10 – oil wet inclining platform
  • HB198:2014 Guide to the specification and testing of pedestrian surfaces
  • E.g. Bathrooms and en suites in hospitals and aged care facilities
  • Forms a family with Accolade Plus to mix and match in various areas(e.g. bathroom/room).
  • Now available in all 23 of the Accolade Plus colours in Australia


General Specifications
Item Number 5A513711
Item Name Murray Clay
Visual Specifications
Color Murray Clay
Shape Sheet
Performance Specifications
Light Reflectance 30.19%
Physical Specifications
Installation Method Full spread (glue down)