hom Homogeneous Sheet Sapphire: K841-620

  • Product Details
Item Number K841-620
Collection Crysolit
Color Sapphire
Size 2 m x 16-25 m x 2 mm


  • New Diamond 10 coating.
  • Easy to clean the water & oil base dirty things, keep low rate maintain work.
  • Automated manufacture system make perfect and stable product.
  • Keep same and high raw material purchase rule with Euro factory.
  • No harmful plasticizer/heavy metal element/ formaldehyde/ benzene, keep the lowest VOC standard, make sure the product non-toxic.
  • Totally 20 SKUs.ercantile, hospitality.


General Specifications
Item Number K841-620
Item Name Sapphire
Collection Crysolit
Visual Specifications
Color Sapphire
Shape Sheet
Physical Specifications