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Australian Made ECO-ACCOLADE®: the next level of best practice PVC. Eco-Accolade is yet another environmental innovation from Armstrong Flooring Australia. Based on Accolade Plus our durable homogeneous sheet vinyl floor, Eco-Accolade incorporates up to 64% recycled and reclaimed content. The recycled material consists of post consumer and post industrial plastics as well as Armstrong Flooring off-cuts from construction sites, reflecting our 'whole of product lifecycle' approach.

Reasons to Specify:

  • Eco-Accolade contains up to 64% of post consumer/post industrial recycled and in process reclaimed materials.
  • Ecospecifier Green Tag GreenRate Level A accredited.
  • Third party Best Practice PVC certified.
  • Eco-Accolade demonstrates Armstrong Flooring's flexibility in meeting the needs of architects and interior designers as well as achieving outstanding environmental outcomes.
  • Based upon four of the best selling standard Accolade Plus colours, thereby offering continuity throughout a design scheme.
  • Offers the benefits of a traditional vinyl floor with a modern textured visual.
  • Exclusive homogeneous formulation including replenishing polyurethane throughout the thickness of the floor.
  • Excellent durability, maintainability, resilience and resistance to indentation, rolling loads and static loads.
  • Applications: healthcare, education, office and hospitality.
  • Australian Made

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General Specifications
Available Sizes Roll Width ISO 24341: 1.83m
Roll Length ISO 24341: 16m  
Gauge (Thickness) Overall Thickness ISO 24346: 2.0mm 
International Specifications Classification (Use Area) EN 685:  Commercial 34, Industrial 43 
Installation & Maintenance
Maintenance Options Routine care:
Daily: Sweep, vacuum, static mop. Regularly damp mop, wet scrub and burnish; use Once ‘n Done Floor Cleaner (*or similar pH 7.0-8.5 neutral cleaner). Frequency and type of maintenance required depends on traffic flow, application, environmental conditions and customer requirements. Light and accent colours can require more maintenance, where practical choose darker, more camouflaging colours.  
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