hom Homogeneous Sheet Solar Beige: 6A601156

Item Number 6A601156
Collection ARMATRANS
Color Solar Beige
Size 1.525 m x 24 m x 1.5 mm


Australian Made ARMATRANS™ is a value engineered floor which has been specifically developed for the building industry in roll widths and lengths to minimize waste during construction.

Reasons to Specify:

  • Homogeneous formulation for strong and tough performance.
  • Very good resilience and resistance to indentation and rolling loads.
  • Includes PU finish that helps protect the surface against soiling during installation & the product in service.
  • Australian Made


General Specifications
Item Number 6A601156
Item Name Solar Beige
Collection ARMATRANS
Visual Specifications
Color Solar Beige
Shape Sheet
Physical Specifications
Installation Method Full spread (glue down)