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Australian Made ACCOLADE® PLUS is our most durable vinyl sheet floor. Designed in a range of colours to complement your design, Accolade Plus also features both a highly accented jaspe (multi-colour chip) visual and an embossed surface texture to help hide dirt created in high traffic conditions. Its' exclusive homogeneous formulation includes replenishing polyurethane throughout the thickness of the floor and a protective polyurethane finish to reduce initial and ongoing maintenance.

Reasons to Specify:

  • Colours influenced by Australian Design industry research and product development
  • Exclusive homogeneous formulation including replenishing polyurethane throughout the thickness of the floor.
  • Protective polyurethane finish reduces initial and ongoing maintenance and increases scuff resistance.
  • Homogeneous construction for excellent dent and gouge resistance.
  • The embossed surface texture and highly accented jaspe (multi- colour chip) visual help hide dirt and wear patterns created in high traffic conditions.
  • Applications Include: hospital, aged care, healthcare, education, light industrial, mercantile, hospitality.
  • Australian Made

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General Specifications
Available Sizes Roll Dimensions EN 426: 1.83m x 16m
Gauge (Thickness) Overall Thickness EN 428: 2.0mm    
Wear Layer Thickness EN 429: 2.0mm 
International Specifications Classification (Use Area) EN ISO 10874:  Commercial 34, Industrial 43 
Installation & Maintenance
Maintenance Options Routine care:
Daily: Sweep, vacuum, static mop. Regularly damp mop, wet scrub and burnish; use Accolade Plus Floor Cleaner (or a pH 7.0-8.5 neutral cleaner). Frequency and type of maintenance required depends on traffic flow, application, environmental conditions and customer requirements. Light and accent colours can require more maintenance. Where practical choose darker, more camouflaging colours. 
Adhesive Armstrong Flooring SV-200 Adhesive 

Accolade Plus is a durable vinyl sheet floor made for the ultimate in wear and tear resistance. It has been styled with colours and patterns that reflect current global trends. The product, which includes recycled PVC, features a urethane coating that improves maintainability.

Type of floor covering

ISO 10581

Homogeneous sheet vinyl

Manufactured in



ISO 10874

Commercial:  34
Industrial:  43

Polyurethane reinforced


Binder Content

ISO 10581

Type 1

Surface texture

Lightly Embossed

Wear layer thickness 

ISO 24340

2.0 mm

Total thickness  

ISO 24346

2.0 mm

Roll width

ISO 24341

1.83 metres

Roll Length

ISO 24341

16 metres


29.3 m2


ISO 23997

3.0 kg/m2

Wear resistance (volume loss)

EN 660-2

“T” group

Residual indentation

ISO 24343-1

≤ 0.10 mm

Wear by chair castors 

ISO 4918


Best Practice PVC
(Manufactured to meet GBCA guidelines)


GreenTag™ Certified


CTVOC Emissions

EN 13419-1

(GBCA limit < 500µg/m2/hr)

Electrical Resistance

EN 1081

Approx. 1010 ohm

Fire Resistance
Critical Radiant Flux
Smoke Development Rate

ISO 9239-1 ≥ 8 kW/m2
< 750 %.min

Slip Resistance
Appendix A: Wet pendulum
Appendix C: Wet-barefoot
Appendix D: Oil-wet

AS 4586:2013



ISO 24344 (Method A)

20mm Diameter Mandrel pass

Colour fastness

ISO 105-B02 (Method 3)

≥ 6

Chemical Resistance

Good resistance
(full test results can be supplied on request)

Dimensional stability
(adhered or non-adhered)

ISO 23999

≤ 0.40 % 

Curling after exposure to heat 

ISO 23999

≤ 8 mm

Seam Strength  

ISO 16906

≥ 240 N/50 mm (average value)


30 (custom colours upon request)

Recommended Adhesive – Field Area

Armstrong SV200, SC-100, PU-100


Full stick heat welded seams

Applications  Health and Aged Care, Education, Retail and General Mercantile.
Please note: Recommendations are for guidance only, refer to relevant local, state, and federal construction codes and standards for requirements.
Armstrong Flooring Pty Ltd instructions regarding adhesives, installations, cleaning and maintenance should be observed. Please contact Armstrong for details. 

September 2018