Case Study Kemira

Project Details
Project: Kemira
Segment: Healthcare 
Location: Atlanta, GA  

“This is a unique design, unlike the standard one-color lab floor we are used to seeing,” said Cain. “The facility has an open floor plan and we wanted the floor design to contribute to the sharing of ideas and easier communication.”

MIGRATIONS BBT Bio-flooring was also chosen for its “green” attributes and excellent performance qualities. According to Cain, “Our firm is very environmentally conscious, so we chose MIGRATIONS BBT. This floor performs above and beyond standard composition tile, so I knew it would be the best choice for this facility.”

MIGRATIONS BBT Bio-flooring is considered a “green” product because it is made with BioStride®, a polymer which contains rapidly renewable ingredients. In addition, it contains 10 percent recycled content.

Kemira is a chemical company specializing in fiber treatment chemistry, chemical water treatment and water separation technology. The colors in the floor design were chosen to specifically represent Kemira. The facility is one of several companies who share space in a building called a “Tenant Improvement” laboratory building where the entire building is committed to biotechnology efforts.