Hardwood Trims & Molding

Reasons to Specify

  • Prefinished moldings with Armstrong Flooring finishes provide greater durability and color consistency than unfinished moldings that need to be stained
  • Hand-sculpted and distressed moldings, available for most hardwood selections, add the perfect complement and make it easy to achieve a custom, handcrafted look
  • Armstrong Flooring offers fast shipments for molding products so you can quickly finish your job
  • Refer to floorexpert.com for additional details to coordinate trims with your flooring selection


Responsible Manufacturing

Responsible Manufacturing

Armstrong Flooring is a responsible manufacturer, implementing and using processes that are both socially and environmental responsible, including deliberate raw materials and product testing and selection for the highest quality products.

Trim & Molding Profiles


Helps equalize the level between different flooring surfaces.

Quarter Round

Covers the expansion space between the floor and the wall.


Covers the expansion space between two equal height flooring surfaces.

Baby Threshold

Covers the expansion space at a threshold or sliding door.

Stair Nose

Covers the expansion space on stair edges and provides a finished trim.



  • Shape Style

  • Species Look

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