wall Wall Covering Maple: WI50012-14

  • Product Details
Item Number WI50012-14
Collection Walliron-shield
Color Maple
Size 1.2 m x 2.8 m x 2 mm


Armstrong Rigid wall: Walliron-shield

Homogeneous wall protecting, 12 color choices.

Applied for any segments’ wall, provide wall protection and decorative usage.

Easy for cleaning, prevent kinds of medicament and strong acid/alkali

Clean and simple by design, Walliron-shield provides a seamless coating for healthcare interiors needing a low maintenance, long lasting wall covering which resists scratching, scuffing and denting.

Using perfectly paired with resilient flooring.

Easy for installation, does not occupy excessive wall space and reduces maintenance costs and protects long term appearance.

Providing matching waistline which is clean, simple design for uncomplicated look or the addition of a frieze if desired while works perfectly with Walliron-shield and Walldesign to elevates wall appearance.


General Specifications
Item Number WI50012-14
Item Name Maple
Collection Walliron-shield
Visual Specifications
Color Maple
Shape Tile
Physical Specifications