lam Laminate Flooring London Maple: PB8123

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Item Number PB8123
Collection ETHOS EIR
Color London Maple
Size 141.5 mm x 1215 mm x 10 mm


The mesmerizing beauty of Ethos Laminate Flooring not only invites appreciation but also evokes a desire to touch it. Its two variations EIR (embossed in Register) and HS (Hand Sculpted) are a treat both to your eyes and touch.

While EIR's realistic embossing takes you into a world of small ridges and tiny impressions,HS surprises you with irregular undulations. Their subtle color variations, distinctive grain,realistic features, embossed texture mimic the natural world. Each design reflects sophistication with true sincerity to nature. 


General Specifications
Item Number PB8123
Item Name London Maple
Collection ETHOS EIR
Visual Specifications
Color London Maple
Shape Plank
Edge Detail Micro Beveled
Performance Specifications
Finish Embossed in Register
Physical Specifications

For Size: 141.5 mm x 1215 mm x 10 mm Plank

Pieces per Carton 9
Installation Method Lock&Fold