het Heterogeneous Sheet Linocular


No  Ortho-Phthalates , no heavy metals, low VOC emissions

Ortho-Phthalates is not an eco-friendly plasticizer, which is listed on restriction in use in European Union, United States of America, Japan and etc.

Heavy metal can cause human poisoning symptoms and has been linked to cause of cancer.

VOC consists of formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Excessive VOC leads to central nervous system restraint and can be linked to cause of cancer.

Wear Layer

Calendaring makes high-performance and more compact wear layer. Better performance in stain resistance, abrasion resistance and durability throughout application.

Fiberglass Layer

High tenacity non-reticulate fiberglass layer added into product structure, which improves product dimensional stability, and keeps high-performance in kinds of environments.

Foam Back

Foam back makes product has superb sound absorption and comfort step as well as anti-abrasion performance.

Classic marble cotton-like pattern derives from natural stone, it uses balanced color combination and fine lines to make this pattern looks straightforward yet refined while keeps eco-friendly feeling as the same as linoleum.

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