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From preschool to higher education, the look of education is transforming, and so are the needs. To attract the best and brightest — both students and faculty — schools and universities are moving away from traditional design, and instead embracing bright, beautiful, sophisticated spaces that elevate their image, as well as the educational experience.

At Armstrong Flooring, our vast palette of colors provide endless design options. Practical wayfinding that confidently leads a child to the classroom, or building school spirit through intricate, customized logo designs — color is abundant for designing healthy and attractive environments.

In an age where school budgets need to be maximized, school districts look to versatile education spaces that provide maximum value to the staff and students. The flexibility of a multipurpose room is appealing, but it’s only as useful as the performance of the floor it’s designed with. Flooring that meets durability expectations, while also reducing lifecycle and maintenance costs, always gets an A+ for creating excellent learning environments that meet budgets.

Armstrong Flooring lays the foundation for the next generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers — creating inspiring learning environments that promote safety and well-being.

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Top Considerations for Education Flooring

Reduce Energy with Design

At 33 percent, energy costs represent the single largest line item in the typical building’s operating budget. Learn how to reduce that number through intentional, smart design decisions. 

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Mounting Maintenance Costs

Maintenance of a floor adds up quickly between product and labor. Learn more about how advances in flooring technology have led to low-maintenance products which save significantly over the life of the floor.

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Lifecycle Costs of Design

Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) is a powerful tool that demonstrates how design decisions will play out over the long term. Learn how this impacts flooring, and why a low-maintenance product can save over the long term — even with a higher initial cost.

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