Case Study Haynes-Inman Education Center

Project Details
Project: Meredith Leigh Haynes-Bennie Lee Inman Education Center
Segment: Education 
Location: Jamestown, North Carolina 
DESIGNER / ARCHITECT: Pinnacle Architecture 

Armstrong’s MARMORETTE Linoleum Flooring Helps Create a Safe Environment for Students

What’s special about the Meredith Leigh Haynes-Bennie Lee Inman Education Center? Everything. The Haynes-Inman Education Center located in Jamestown, N.C., is just one of a handful of schools in the country that caters to the needs of students with severe cognitive and/or physical disabilities. Just over 100 students from pre-schoolers to young adults attend this unique school dedicated to helping each student live a meaningful life while reaching his or her full potential. “Everything about this school, including the way it was designed, was done with respect and dignity in mind,” says Kevin Carr, principal at Haynes-Inman Education Center. “We are fortunate to have great support in this community from parents and family, as well as partners who provided services above and beyond including dental care, medical care, even arts and crafts.”

Anything but Simple Design

It not only takes very special teachers and parents to make this sort of education possible, it also takes a very thoughtful architect and design firm to create a nurturing space capable of accommodating the exceptional performance needs of this very special student population. “Families move across the country to enroll their children in this school,” said Frank Williams, president of Pinnacle Architecture who designed the Haynes-Inman Education Center.

Williams described the design of the school as “simple” but to a trained eye, it’s anything but. With few similar facilities in existence, Williams said he and his team turned to the work of architect Hyatt Hammond who designed Gateway Education Center in Greensboro, N.C., decades earlier. “When Hammond designed Gateway, there were no models,” said Williams. Today, Guilford County, N.C., where both the Gateway Education Center and the Haynes-Inman Education Center are located, is a nationwide leader in educational models serving children living with severe cognitive or physical disabilities. “We were fortunate to have Gateway as a yard stick,” said Williams. “The first thing we did in designing the Haynes-Inman Education Center was listen to what the educators, medical staff and parents at Gateway had to say about the physical needs of a new school. Then, we designed accordingly.”

The Easy Choice for Flooring

Williams and Dennis Cole, of Guilford County Schools, selected Armstrong® MARMORETTE linoleum with NATURCote for the flooring in the school’s extra large hallways and classrooms. Hard surface flooring was a given in light of the students’ accessibility needs. Instead of wall base, bumpers line most of the walls along the floor in hallways to safeguard the students from hurting themselves and protect the facility from excessive wear and tear should a wheel chair or other assistive device bump up against the wall.

While Armstrong has many different flooring options, Williams and Cole settled on MARMORETTE, which offers a flexible range of color options that provide a progression of color to optimize pattern selection. Linoleum offers timeless beauty in a high-performance, aseptic environment. “We seamed the linoleum floors for a smooth finish to accommodate the mobility of the students and provide a floor that would resist harboring bacteria.” MARMORETTE is a naturally sustainable flooring choice offering superior performance benefits. Made from rapidly renewable raw materials like cork, linseed oil and jute, MARMORETTE features NATURCote, an exclusive UV-cured coating that resists dirt, discoloration, scuffs and scratching. NATURCote also reduces water, chemicals and labor needed for routine maintenance. Plus MARMORETTE is third party FloorScore™ certified for low VOC emission, compliant with California Section 01350 and LEED® eligible.

The Many Uses of Color

In each wing of the school, project designers used Armstrong’s unsurpassed color options by selecting seven eye-catching shades for Haynes-Inman Education Center. “We wanted to use color as a learning tool,” said Williams. “Each wing features different color flooring which is particularly helpful to students who might struggle to read or understand numbered signage.” With 67 colors in MARMORETTE, wayfinding is made easy for customers. Principal Carr agreed, “The whole school is bright and cheery. Since we opened, we’ve received steady requests for tours by people who are interested in the unique work and design of this school.”

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