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Natural Beauty Meets Commercial Durability

Hardwood from Armstrong Flooring meets the demands of today’s challenging commercial spaces. Choose among a broad range of species, colors, finishes, styles, and modular sizes to create warm, inviting interiors in retail shops, restaurants, offices, and conference rooms, and public venues like museums, libraries, and auditoriums.

Reasons to Specify Hardwood Flooring

  • Extensive choice of species and colors
  • Exceptional performance in commercial environments
  • Finish options – low- or medium-gloss and full-fill or partial-fill
  • Proprietary UV-cured finish resists scratches, scuffs, impacts and damage from alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • Made in the USA with global and domestic content**
  • Immediate occupancy – quick and easy Lock&Fold technology***
  • Can be installed over concrete, most subfloors and on any grade level
  • Easy maintenance and on-site repairs – easy to replace a single plank
  • Quiet Comfort – underlayments provide acoustic barrier
  • Manufactured to Armstrong Flooring’s Diamond Standard of Quality

 **90% domestic content: excludes Artistic Timbers TimberBrushed
***Performance Plus

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Performance Plus

The stunning look of hardwood balanced with commercial performance. Two times the hardness of regular hardwood floors. Scratch- and stain-resistant finish for high-traffic commercial environments.

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American Scrape Hardwood

Rustic, hand-scraped engineered hickory hardwood featuring distinctive graining and knots. Available in a vibrant palette of golds, grays, reds and browns for a richly textured look.

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Prime Harvest Oak Engineered

Offering a stunning range of colors to coordinate with any palette or design style. Available in two plank size options.

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Artistic Timbers TimberBrushed

Artistic techniques like liming and deep etching add color effects with dimension to highlight the beauty and artistic flair of this engineered oak hardwood.

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Color Variation Over Time 
Wood is a natural material that reacts to light exposure. Exotic hardwoods gain richness in color and may become darker or lighter over time. The most dramatic change will occur within the first six months following installation.

Board-to-Board Color Variation
Wood is a natural material that features changes in color and tone. The board-to-board color variation is more pronounced in some species, less in others.


Hardwood Product Structures

Hardwood Product Structures

Performance Plus, Prime Harvest Oak Engineered, American Scrape Hickory Engineered, Artistic Timbers TimberBrushed

  1. Protective Wear Finish 
    • Exceptional durability in commercial spaces
    • High resistance to wear-through
    • Protects against spills, stains, and fading
  2. Wood Species Visual*
    • Natural solid hardwood grain
  3. Performance Plywood
    • Dimensional stability
  4. Quiet Comfort™ Premium Underlayment
    • Noise reduction
    • Built-in moisture barrier
      (Sold Separately)


*Performance Plus – acrylic infusion

  • Improved hardness 
  • Fortifies hardwood fibers 
  • Improved dent resistance 
  • 2X durability of non-infused products

Janka Hardness Testing* for Performance Plus Commercial Hardwood

  • Standard Hardwood
  • Armstrong Flooring Performance Plus™



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