Insight Community

Join Armstrong Flooring’s Insight Community!

At Armstrong Flooring we continuously strive to improve and we value your opinion about our products and services.

As part of that commitment, we invite you to join the Armstrong Flooring Insight Community, a research panel, to share your opinions and ideas.

What is it?

The Armstrong Flooring Insight Community includes individuals who specify, purchase, sell, install or maintain flooring products. Your insights, shared with us through surveys, focus groups, and in-person interviews are used to develop innovative products and services.

How do I participate?

About 6 – 8 times a year you will be contacted to share your opinions and insights. Most often you will be asked to complete a short web survey but, on occasion, you may be invited to attend a focus group or a one-on-one interview.

What’s in it for me?

The Armstrong Flooring Insight Community gives you an opportunity to have your voice heard and to potentially see insights that you share with us lead to a new product or service.

To become an Armstrong Flooring research panelist, please tell us a little about yourself and take our survey.