Hospital Flooring

Historic changes in the healthcare industry are having a profound impact on facility design and management. Hospitals and other acute care facilities must reduce noise, always maintain a clean appearance, eliminate slips and falls, and much more. With more people living longer and the need for lean building and remodeling practices, Armstrong Flooring provides hospital flooring solutions to meet those demands.

Armstrong Flooring offers designs to create the environment you desire to promote health and well-being of patients and staff alike. The Armstrong Flooring portfolio offers a variety of long-lasting, low maintenance products suited for every space, including:

  • Colors and designs that coordinate across categories and offer choices to fit any aesthetic or patient population, from clean and modern to warm and homey
  • Resistance to indentations from static loads
  • Options that can be heat welded and flash coved for aseptic environments
  • Sustainable choices to help meet your LEED accreditation using rapidly renewable natural resources