srf Slip Retardant Flooring Mid Grey: 4D100012

  • Product Details
Item Number 4D100012
Collection Safeguard
Color Mid Grey
Sizes 2 m x 20 m x 2 mm
Shape Sheet


Safeguard is Armstrong imported slip retardant flooring product. This collection has R10, R11, R12 three slip resistance.

  • Embossed texture combined with silicon carbide in the surface and aluminium oxide and quartz throughout the homogeneous wear layer provide long term slip resistance characteristics.
  • R10, R11, R12 three kinds of anti-skid products’ options, which is higher than the international standard of anti-slip requirements
  • High quality  of PVC raw materials are used to bring excellent performance of compressive and scratch resistance
  • High density of product surface which makes the stains are not easy to penetrate the product, and make it more easy to clean
  • Glass fiber intermediate layer to ensure excellent dimensional stability of products
  • Non-woven fabric in the bottom, which is more suitable for the use of adhesive installation
  • It can be installed by welding line splicing to provide the same color of weld rods
  • Applications Include: Commercial Kitchens, Food serveries, Hospitality, Health Care, Education, Retail, Light Industrial, Office and Amenities


General Specifications
Item Number 4D100012
Item Name Mid Grey
Collection Safeguard
Visual Specifications
Color Mid Grey
Shape Sheet
Performance Specifications
Light Reflectance 10.94%
Physical Specifications
Installation Method Full spread (glue down)
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