cpt Carpet Tiles Stratocaster: C00J2811-16

  • Product Details
Item Number C00J2811-16
Collection Melody
Color Stratocaster
Size 50 cm x 50 cm x 6.5 mm
Shape Tile

People’s personalities become increasingly introverted within metropolises. Against the backdrop of hurried footsteps across the office, a quiet and calm design comes to life with this intellectual light gray and stoic navy blue.

Melody Carpet Tile is a durable solution for the commercial space. Armstrong Flooring offers an extensive selection of colors and designs – all with easy installation and maintenance. And the PRO-CARE system helps to ensure carpet tile looks newer, longer.

  • PRO-CARE Fiber — Rich in color and easy to clean with high color fastness
  • PRO-CARE Self+ Guard — Carpet surface treatment for three dimensions (waterproof, anti-oil, and anti-fouling) provides comprehensive protection to make daily cleaning easy
  • PRO-CARE Ag+ Guard — Using the most advanced Ag+ silver ion, which continuously prohibits a bacterial component, results in lasting and effective protection against various bacteria breeding
  • PRO-CARE Backing — The whole product line uses the unique PRO-CARE Backing with ortho-benzene plasticizer. In line with the latest EU regulation, benzene-based plasticizers have been adopted to make our products much safer and less toxic for both the environment and users
  • PRO-CARE Sticker — Non-toxic and environmentally friendly transparent adhesive sticker that is an efficient, convenient and economical new installation method without glue 


General Specifications
Item Number C00J2811-16
Item Name Stratocaster
Collection Melody
Visual Specifications
Color Stratocaster
Shape Tile
Physical Specifications

For Size: 50 cm x 50 cm x 6.5 mm Tile

Pile Height 3.5 mm
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