Armstrong flooring introduces Zeitgeit, a metal composite panel with A Class flammability

With a huge demand for public space security from people and government, the market also need a better product of wall covering under the circumstance.

Since wall material first launched by Armstrong flooring, we has been researching on how to develop one A class wall covering to meet the requirements of various occasions. After R&D team's efforts, “Zeitgeit" finally hit the market.

Zeitgeit as a Metal composited Panel with following distinctive features:

  • Safe and fire-retardant;
  • Eco-friendly and healthy, Zeitgeit is DOP and formaldehyde free, passed EN 71-3, REACH and other international environmental certification;
  • Durable, resistant to hydrochloric acid and alkali; resistant to scratch and waterproof;
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean;
  • Chemical resistant;
  • Design feature;
  • Concise and modern design style, to create a fashionable yet simple and elegant interior space, using imported decorating film;
  • Easy Installation and safe;
  • Re-usable, could be disassembled easily and re-used.