Armstrong Flooring Introduces Veytaux

With new lifestyles coming up continuously, the boundary between personal life and workspace has become blurred. We are not only looking for a space which is permeable and dynamic, but it also needs to meet people's physical, mental and psychological needs.

Armstrong introducing the latest product of Natural Creation line - Veytaux™4.0mm SPC. It is environmentally friendly, non-slip and wear resistant with comfortable feeling. With a wide selection of colors and textures, which can be matched with various interior designs, and are suitable for indoor spaces like home, retail, business office, and hotel rooms. Every corner of the space, will bring you comfortable and exquisite experience, and meet the requirements whatever you want.

25 fresh colors breaking the dullness of traditional spaces. In the design of Veytaux, the cold tone and the warm tone are combined to complement each other, they also helped to define the demarcations of different areas and create a progressive sense of space. Every functional areas of the indoor space can be independent of each other and connected to each other at the same time, so you will always feel special when crossing those spaces. That’s another world after one turning.

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