Armstrong Flooring Introduces Newlencia

With people’s rising requirements for the environment, the space layout has gradually moved towards to meet the demand for personalized and high-quality。

As flooring is an indispensable part of decoration, people are increasingly inclined to use ingenious installation to show their distinctive taste. The design, style, and even the design of the paving method of flooring, are constantly innovating. After seeing the same old installation, Armstrong Flooring introduces a new product who has 3 novel patterns- Newlencia.

Newlencia – Shining

The zigzag patterns arranged in parallel are full of modern fashion. The combination of herringbone can provide more geometric design ideas. The simple but extraordinary design add artistic beauty to the space.

Newlencia – Splendor

The clean lines, plain yet full of details, are natural and elegant, and meet the needs of differentiated, personalized, fashionable and diversified decorative styles.

Newlencia – Dettory

Through the gradual transition of natural colors, it is more in line with the mainstream aesthetic culture, have a infinite sense of extension.

Newlencia has 23 colors and different installation, giving the space more highlights on decoration. Fashionable styles, beautiful lines, and elegant colors are the result of our search for a balance between function and aesthetics. Customize your own quality life with your colorful imagination.

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