Armstrong Flooring Introduces MedinPure PVC-Free Homogeneous Sheet

Armstrong recently launched a new PVC-FREE product-MEDINPURE. This new product embodies the hard work of Armstrong R&D team and can be called the flagship product in the Armstrong homogenous sheet line. It presents high standard among industry no matter from the perspective of technology, design, function and so on.

MEDINPURE's excellent performance improves the quality of flooring in the fields of medical care, education and transportation. At the same time, the performance meets the requirements of these places for high traffic, antibacterial and environmental protection. T-class wear-resistant, effective flame retardant, long-acting antibacterial, safety and environmental protection, R10 anti-skid, numerous choices of color, true shield 2.0 coating, of so many selling points, MEDINPURE is apply for medical, educational, airport, retail and other commercial space.

The design of MEDINPURE is inspired by natural landscape and four seasons. Colors with low saturation create a soothing atmosphere. The rich granite texture and distinct texture, combined with earthy tones, present a unique product appearance.

Products are certified by international quality and environmental certification. With the characteristics of flexibility and low temperature resistance, it has tested with no cracks in the environment of minus 40 degrees, which can easy to do the installation or storage in winter.