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Armstrong flooring introduces Zeitgeit, a metal composite panel with A Class flammability - 2020.08.18

With a huge demand for public space security from people and government, the market also need a better product of wall covering under the circumstance.



Metropolis Magazine Selects MEDINPURE as a Best New Product - 2020.06.30

Armstrong Flooring’s MedinPure with Diamond 10 Technology coating is a PVC-free sheet solution for healthcare environments. It is free of Ortho-Phthalates, Halogens, Isocyanates, and Red List Chemicals of Concern. 



Armstrong Flooring Introduces MedinPure PVC-Free Homogeneous Sheet - 2020.06.28

Armstrong recently launched a new PVC-FREE product-MEDINPURE. This new product embodies the hard work of Armstrong R&D team and can be called the flagship product in the Armstrong homogenous sheet line. It presents high standard among industry no matter from the perspective of technology, design, function and so on.