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Armstrong Flooring introduces Newlencia - 2020.12.10

As flooring is an indispensable part of decoration, people are increasingly inclined to use ingenious installation to show their distinctive taste. The design, style, and even the design of the paving method of flooring, are constantly innovating. After seeing the same old installation, Armstrong Flooring introduces a new product who has 3 novel patterns- Newlencia.

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Armstrong Flooring introduces Veytaux - 2020.12.01

With new lifestyles coming up continuously, the boundary between personal life and workspace has become blurred. We are not only looking for a space which is permeable and dynamic, but it also needs to meet people's physical, mental and psychological needs.

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Armstrong Flooring at CIPM 2020 - 2020.11.03

The 59th national pharmaceutical machinery and China international pharmaceutical machinery exhibition held in Chongqing international expo center. More than 200,000 square meters exhibition area covers the western medicine, Chinese medicine and related auxiliary equipment.

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Armstrong Flooring at CADE salon - 2020.11.01

CADE Architectural Design Expo was held in Beijing Shunyi New International Exhibition on October 29, 2020.Armstrong was invited to participate in the "Silver Age" salon, aimed at creating a warm and comfortable interior space for the elders, and providing high-quality, environmental protection, innovative and safe wall materials.

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Armstrong flooring introduces Zeitgeit, a metal composite panel with A Class flammability - 2020.08.18

With a huge demand for public space security from people and government, the market also need a better product of wall covering under the circumstance. 


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Metropolis Magazine Selects MEDINPURE as a Best New Product - 2020.06.30

Armstrong Flooring’s MedinPure with Diamond 10 Technology coating is a PVC-free sheet solution for healthcare environments. It is free of Ortho-Phthalates, Halogens, Isocyanates, and Red List Chemicals of Concern. 


Armstrong Flooring Introduces MedinPure PVC-Free Homogeneous Sheet - 2020.06.28

Armstrong recently launched a new PVC-FREE product-MEDINPURE. This new product embodies the hard work of Armstrong R&D team and can be called the flagship product in the Armstrong homogenous sheet line.