het Heterogeneous Sheet Pebble Grey: BGR-8501

Item Number BGR-8501
Collection ATHLETA
Color Pebble Grey
Size 1.8 m x 20 m x 4.5 mm

There are wide and varied requirements placed upon a sports floor, not least the type of activities which it will be expected to accommodate. Each installation will therefore, require analysis of such requirements before an appropriate floor can be selected for different indoor sports. As a result, it has made it necessary for us to develop a wide range of quality products which offer solutions concerning both the function of the indoor sports floor as well as aspects relating to life cycle and maintenance costs.

  • Strong wear layer for withstanding tougher conditions and longer life
  • Polyurethane coating with UV treatment for safeguarding the wear layer
  • Foam bottom support layer to provide required cushion effect
  • Also available in 6.5 MM & 8 MM


General Specifications
Item Number BGR-8501
Item Name Pebble Grey
Collection ATHLETA
Visual Specifications
Color Pebble Grey
Shape Sheet
Physical Specifications
Installation Method Full spread (glue down)