Retail Clinics

Our world today is fast paced with meetings, deadlines, family and everything in between filling up the day. Visits to see the doctor in retail clinics, outpatient facilities and other ambulatory care need to be quick and easy, and Armstrong Flooring believes flooring should be the same. Care centers are in a period of high growth and rapid change and as a result, interior designs are flexible to adapt to shifting care processes and protocols. The versatile and quick to install Armstrong Flooring portfolio is designed to meet the high traffic and easy maintenance needs of these evolving places.

Fast changing outpatient environments like retail and urgent care centers may be updated every two years. As a result, flexibility and adaptability in interior design are critical. Armstrong Flooring offers:

  • Low maintenance, hygienic finishes that protect against scuffs and scratches from heavy foot traffic and rolling loads
  • Innovations like FLIP spray adhesive and Natural Creations with the I-Set Installation System to enable quick and easy installation and replacement