FAQs - General Hardwood

Should I expect color variations in my floor?

Yes - wood is a product of nature; therefore, you will see variations from board to board in all categories. No two boards are ever the same.

My wood is denting. I thought I was buying hardwood?

Hardwood contains a cell structure; therefore, if enough pressure is applied, the cell wall will collapse and a dent will appear. Our acrylic impregnated products help reduce indentations in wood.

I moved our area rug and my wood is lighter where my area rug was. What happened?

Wood goes through a natural aging process called patina. Bright sunlight can also accelerate this condition. Moving area rugs or other items that may cause this effect from time to time is recommended.

When I walk across my hardwood floor, I hear popping sounds. Why?

There are a number of reasons for this condition. Usually it is caused by uneven sub-floors (see manufacturer's instructions for sub-floor tolerances). Improper trowel or improper adhesive could also cause this. Please use all items, tools, and adhesives recommended by Armstrong Flooring for the product being installed. In most cases, the problem is easily corrected.

Can I have hardwood installed in bathrooms?

It is not recommended, due to the high moisture associated with those areas. It may cause unfavorable conditions for hardwood flooring.

What does edge treatments mean?

Edge treatments refer to the amount of reveal on the edge of each board. We offer products in square, micro or eased edges, or beveled edges. Refer to product literature or visit your local retailer for examples.

What warranties do you provide on your products?

Warranties are limited and product specific. Our best warranties offer industry leading 50 year residential and 10 year commercial terms. For additional details, please see the limited warranty information under the Resources section of this website.