Weld Rods

About Weld Rods

Armstrong Flooring provides weld rods designed to be used in conjunction with our Homogeneous and Heterogeneous commercial sheet flooring, as well our Linoleum and Slip-Retardant Flooring. Ideal for use in surgical suites, intensive care units, labs, and other aseptic spaces where sterile conditions are a priority. Weld rods can be combined with flash coving to provide superior seam strength and tightness, preventing dirt and moisture from getting under the floor. For non-sterile spaces, our sheet flooring can be used with weld rods to enhance design aesthetics, or without weld rods using our S-761 Seaming System to minimize seam visuals.

Seaming Options

Non-Aseptic Spaces: reduce installation materials and labor costs with the S-761 Seaming System. This creates a continuous look and is a great solution for designs with small intricate patterns.

Aseptic Spaces: heat weld seams with Weld Rods for spaces demanding superior infection control.


Responsible Manufacturing

Responsible Manufacturing

Armstrong Flooring is a responsible manufacturer, implementing and using processes that are both socially and environmental responsible, including deliberate raw materials and product testing and selection for the highest quality products.



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