lam Laminate Flooring Summer Tan Fruitwood: L8700

Item Number L8700
Collection Premium Lustre
Color Summer Tan Fruitwood
Gloss High Gloss
Size 125 mm x 1213 mm x 12 mm


Like walking a tightrope, designing for commercial spaces requires remarkable balance – balance between function and visual appeal. Armstrong’s Premium Lustre laminate flooring collection can help you achieve that design goal, providing an impeccable balance between exceptional durability for high traffic areas and the warmth of premium domestic hardwoods in a stunning high-gloss finish.

Premium Lustre illustrates how through a high number of unique visuals, Armstrong creates more randomness to achieve the variation that characterizes real hardwood. Adding more variation in plank visuals also creates greater realism.


General Specifications
Item Number L8700
Item Name Summer Tan Fruitwood
Collection Premium Lustre
Wood Species Fruitwood
Visual Specifications
Color Summer Tan Fruitwood
Shape Plank
Gloss High Gloss
Edge Detail Micro Edge / Micro Ends
Performance Specifications
Light Reflectance 20-24%
Finish VisionGuard
Construction Type Armstrong MasterWorks with VTx / HydraCore Plus
Physical Specifications

For Size: 125 mm x 1213 mm x 12 mm Plank

Pieces per Carton 8
Coverage Per Carton

13.05 square feet
1.21238 square meters

Installation Method Lock&Fold

Coordinated Accessories

Trims & Moldings

  • Platinum


    3-in-1 Bundle (T-Molding / Threshold / Reducer)

  • Gold


    3-in-1 Bundle (T-Molding / Threshold / Reducer)

  • Bronze


    3-in-1 Bundle (T-Molding / Threshold / Reducer)

Adhesives & Seam Treatments

Floor Care & Repair

Filler & Touch-Up Kits