Case Study Hershenow and Klippenstein

Project Details
Project: Hershenow & Klippenstein
Segment: Other
Location: Reno, Nevada
DESIGNER / ARCHITECT: Hershenow & Klippenstein Architects

The joke about the cobbler’s kids having no shoes can be true of any business. For some busy architecture and design firms, specifying beautiful interiors for clients doesn’t leave much time for focusing on the look of their own workspace.  This is not the case at Hershenow + Klippenstein Architects in Reno, Nevada. The award-winning firm’s new office is a showcase of contemporary design sophistication.  The interior demonstrates the partners’ commitment to creating exciting, dynamic environments for all clients, including themselves. This A&D firm selected Armstrong™ LinoArt MARMORETTE Linoleum as the only resilient product used throughout the new space, based on the floor’s aesthetics, durability and maintenance characteristics.

Hershenow + Klippenstein is a 14-person architecture firm formed in 1994. They provide an extensive range of services to both public and private clients, including significant education, institutional, government, health-care and cultural projects throughout northern Nevada. When
the time came to add their own offices to their portfolio of clients, the firm carefully weighed all the construction options. Max Hershenow, AIA, one of the partners, says that linoleum was the only resilient product considered for their new office floor.  “We wanted a bold floor covering that would give the look of a contemporary space. Linoleum was selected because of its appearance, its sustainable nature and ease of maintenance.” Linoleum is used in the entrance lobby, through a project gallery, in the library and materials resource area, and in the break room.  He explains, “Armstrong™ linoleum was chosen because the colors and patterns worked well with other floor coverings in the office.” LinoArt MARMORETTE Linoleum in neutral, rich light chocolate and black obsidian are used in a pattern of wide stripes set on a 45-degree angle.  Hershenow adds, “The floor pattern works off a large curved wall, while he floor colors relate to the other materials in the office. With these products, we were able to create a unique-looking floor in a boldly striped, graphic pattern.”

The architects also like the chemically sealed seams, which provide a different look than heat welding. The installation system, introduced in 2004, relies on a full spread of Armstrong S-760 Linoleum Adhesive with S-761 Seam Seal Adhesive at the seams. The system is recommended for light to medium commercial areas. The installation method is faster and more economical than heat-welding seams with linoleum weld rods. The Invironmentalists—a nationally recognized group of contractors with proprietary installation systems and technology—managed the flooring installation and collaborated with the firm on colors, materials and installation method. Hershenow adds, “We also received a great deal of support from our Armstrong representative about installation details, technical issues and product maintenance.”

Linoleum has been a preferred floor covering with Hershenow + Klippenstein for years, and for a multitude of reasons. Made from renewable raw materials, linoleum is the natural choice for low environmental impact and sustainable design. It is resilient and comfortable underfoot. Durable linoleum is easy to maintain. Plus, it has a very long life cycle, retaining its rich and vivid colors and pattern for the life of the floor. The newly redesigned family of Armstrong linoleum products features a comprehensive, color-integrated spectrum for coordinating with the line, and in the case of Hershenow + Klippenstein, with other flooring products and interior finishes. Six patterns, ranging from classic marbling to solid colors ensure maximum design flexibility and unparalleled performance.

Hershenow + Klippenstein believes that good architecture must ensure success on both aesthetic and operational levels. To that end, their new office, barely a few months old, is designed to inspire and perform for the next 20 years. “Everybody who comes into the office thinks the floor looks great. It has been very well received,” confirms Hershenow. It’s safe to say that for this firm, the cobbler’s kids are sporting highfashion shoes that serve as a demonstration of the company’s design expertise.