Flooring Solutions for Healthcare

The Holistic Approach to Healing and Well-Being

Healthcare is constantly changing, from demographic shifts and rising costs, to the evolution of wellness and transition to value-based care. One thing that remains constant? Healthy environments support the healing process, and that begins at the ground level. By using evidenced-based design, Armstrong Flooring continually seeks to create flooring solutions that contribute to greater connection, safety, and overall wellbeing.

It begins with cleanliness and infection control, the paramount concern in healthcare settings. A floor’s ability to be effectively cleaned plays a large part in patient safety, especially in spaces that require an aseptic, sterile environment — operating rooms, as well as pre-op exams and post-op recovery spaces. Wise flooring decisions in the healthcare setting not only drive more efficient installations and simple maintenance, but they can also make the difference between an uneasy experience and a healing stay — one that reduces noise, and presents a clean, healing environment through evidence-based color and pattern choices.

By implementing biophilic design, healthcare settings immerse the principles of the natural world into a space for patients to encourage healing and rejuvenation. It’s in this manner that a well-designed, well thought out portfolio of flooring products can provide the tools needed to create an inspiring and restorative space for all patient care.

Whether it’s durability, infection control, maintenance, or acoustics needs, we’ve already thought it through — providing world-class flooring as a foundation to world-class care.

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Top Considerations for Healthcare Flooring

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Popular Healthcare Flooring Solutions



Flooring is a high-impact surface and an investment you trust to maintain its original beauty through years of use, with minimal effort spent on maintenance. These qualities, and many more, are ever present in our healthcare floor offerings. Using evidence-based design* (EBD), the process of basing decisions about the built environment on credible research to achieve the best solutions, Armstrong Flooring offers comforting, homelike products to help create an environment that provides a calming influence for patients and family members. Healthcare staff’s welfare is also a top concern, so Armstrong Flooring products provide underfoot comfort, slip- resistance and easy maintenance.

From infection control to indentation resistance from static loads and low maintenance finishes that protect against stains, scuffs & scratches, Armstrong Flooring has reliable design solutions for healthcare environments.

*The Center for Health Design