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Armstrong Flooring has a range of Fitnice products available as stock Australia, which are despatched from our warehouse in Braeside, Victoria.  Featuring a selection of the most popular colours in the Fitnice range, all of these products have been manufactured to the highest standard of quality that has been achieved through over 40 years of experience in fabric weaving by Fitnice’s parent company, Vertisol.  Created using unique bi-colour yarns which incorporate solid monofilament fibres for excellent durability, Fitnice flooring has been woven in such a way that no two fibres look the same, which in turn creates a textural visual that is unique, distinctive and contemporary.

Square Tiles

Square Tiles

X500 x Y500 mm


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General Specifications
AVAILABLE SIZES 500 x 500mm Square Tiles
GAUGE (THICKNESS) Panama 2.25mm
Chroma 2.70mm
Memphis 2.30mm
Wicker 2.60mm
Installation & Maintenance

Daily cleaning
Vacuum the flooring daily in order to avoid dirt accumulation and material wear caused by the abrasion produced by dirt particles.

Periodic cleaning
The periodicity of cleaning depends on the selected material, the traffic on the product and the user criteria.  Although it is recommended to use a mechanical sweeper, small areas can be cleaned manually.

Periodic manual cleaning

1. Vacuum the flooring to remove most of the dirt. A broom can also be used.

2. Damp mop using Armstrong Flooring Once ‘n Done (*or similar pH 7.0-8.5 neutral cleaner). It is not necessary to rinse the floor when cleaned this way.

3. Dry the floor with a dry soft mop.

Periodic mechanical cleaning

1. Vacuum the flooring to remove the most of the dirt.

2. Clean the flooring with a mechanical sweeper with soft brush rollers. Use warm water and diluted neutral soap.

3. Armstrong Flooring recommends a scrubber‐drier machine similar to a Rotowash. If the mechanical sweeper used does not have the drying option, a dry mop can be employed to remove the water.