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Fitnice - Stocked Range

Armstrong Flooring has a range of Fitnice products available as stock Australia, which are despatched from our warehouse in Braeside, Victoria. Featuring a selection of the most popular colours in the Fitnice range, all of these products have been manufactured to the highest standard of quality that has been achieved through over 40 years of experience in fabric weaving by Fitnice’s parent company, Vertisol. Created using unique bi-colour yarns which incorporate solid monofilament fibres for excellent durability, Fitnice flooring has been woven in such a way that no two fibres look the same, which in turn creates a textural visual that is unique, distinctive and contemporary.

  • Fitnice Chroma Bronze
  • Fitnice Chroma Dark Slate
  • Fitnice Chroma Faded Denim
  • Fitnice Chroma Golden Beach
  • Fitnice Memphis Custard
  • Fitnice Memphis Night
  • Fitnice Memphis Pewter
  • Fitnice Memphis Sky Blue
  • Fitnice Panama Cuatro
  • Fitnice Panama Seis
  • Fitnice Panama Tres
  • Fitnice Wicker Float
  • Fitnice Wicker Jump
  • Fitnice Wicker Run
  • Fitnice Wicker Think
  • Fitnice Wicker Wait


Woven Vinyl Flooring Structure

WVF Woven Vinyl Flooring
  1. Coating free
    • No coating is required, even after installation.
  2. Reinforced thermofixed yarns
    • Warp and weft are welded in order to give more dimensional stability to the product and prevent fraying
    • Bicolour yarns provide light and shade, creating randomly harmonious colour effects. Designed and Manufactured in Europe.
  3. Polyester monofilament encapsulated in high quality PVC
    • The monofilament at the core of every yarn provides high resistance to abrasion and excellent durability. This core creates a robust material that is not hollow, which unlike some other woven vinyl floorcoverings, resists flattening or compaction of the yarn.
    • In comparison to a multi-filament product, the single core of Fitnice benefits dimensional stability and durability while minimising the appearance of frayed and loose fibres along cuts and joins.
  4. Durable vinyl backing