vct Vinyl Composition Tile Gull Grey: 7A519094

  • Product Details
Item Number 7A519094
Collection EXCELON Imperial Texture 300mm
Color Gull Grey
Size 300 mm x 300 mm x 3.0 mm
Shape Tile

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EXCELON Imperial Texture is Armstrong Flooring's most popular vinyl composition tile. Backed by decades of proven performance, quality and value, Imperial Texture sets the industry standard.

Reasons to Specify:

  • 80% Natural Stone
  • Outstanding Stability & Durability
  • Improved surface with excellent dirt resistance
  • Economical
  • Modular 300mm x 300 mm x 3.0mm tile format
  • Quick to install  
  • Easy to Repair
  • Features true through-pattern construction
  • Endlessly flexible design opportunities 
  • Can be combined with EXCELON Stonetex or Terrazz for even more design options.
  • Applications Include : Retail, Housing, Education & Transport


General Specifications
Item Number 7A519094
Item Name Gull Grey
Collection EXCELON Imperial Texture 300mm
Visual Specifications
Color Gull Grey
Shape Tile
Physical Specifications