srf Slip Retardant Flooring SAFEGUARD R10


Safeguard R10 slip resistant vinyl sheet flooring offers durable safety flooring for the most demanding environments.

Reasons to Specify:

  • Embossed texture combined with silicon carbide in the surface and aluminium oxide and quartz throughout the homogeneous wear layer provide long term slip resistance characteristics.
  • Safety floors for demanding environments.
  • Meets or exceeds slip resistance properties suggested by Australian Standards.
  • High density embossed surface balances maintenance and slip resistance characteristics.
  • High quality PVC wear layer for excellent dent and gouge resistance.
  • Applications Include: Kitchens, Food serveries, Hospitality, Health Care, Education, Retail, Light Industrial, Office and Amenities

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General Specifications
Available Sizes 2m x 20m 
Gauge (Thickness) Overall Thickness EN 428: 2.0mm
Wear Layer Thickness EN 429: 1.5mm 
International Specifications Classification (Use Area) EN ISO 10874:  Commercial 34, Industrial 43
Installation & Maintenance
Maintenance Options Routine care:
Daily: Sweep, vacuum, static mop. Regularly damp mop and wet scrub; use Accolade Safe Plus Bathroom Floor & Surface Cleaner*. Frequency and type of maintenance required depends on traffic flow, application, environmental conditions and customer requirements. Light and accent colours can require more maintenance. Where practical choose darker, more camouflaging colours. 
Adhesives Dry Area SV-200
Wet Area PU-100