Armstrong Flooring's Infinity Custom Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Australian Made Armstrong Flooring’s Infinity Custom Vinyl Sheet Flooring can be custom-designed for short run manufacture to precisely complement your project interior.

Infinity homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring is based on Armstrong Accolade Plus and Accolade Safe, offering 28 harmonious base colour combinations, to which you can add one or two more colours to complement your project.

Infinity offers unprecedented freedom to mix, match and experiment like never before, with design software and tools that are effective and simple to use. In particular, the 3D texture function allows you to better simulate the final look of your design.

You can create as many designs as you like for consideration and save them as pdfs for printing out or emailing to clients or associates.

Infinity conforms to all required building code standards and delivers outstanding resilience, durability and colour and pattern fastness.