Shinekeeper - 4 & 25 Litre

Shinekeeper Long Lasting Floor Polish is a metal cross-linked acrylic floor finish which has been formulated to give a fast film build on Armstrong vinyl sheet and tiles. Shinekeeper provides the ideal surface for Armstrong vinyl sheet and tiles in most situations giving the best balance between "easy to scratch - easy to repair", and "hard to scratch - hard to repair".

Shinekeeper responds well to spray buffing and with all speeds of buffing equipment from 350 - 2000 rpm for use in commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

Shinekeeper has been formulated in a way that it will stand up to traffic with minimum maintenance, i.e. where machine buffing is seldom or rarely performed, e.g. domestic homes.

Shinekeeper exhibits exception wear properties due to the tough flexible film that shows good resistance to black heel marking, scuffs and powdering.

Features & Benefits

  • Metal cross-linked floor finish which gives a fast film build.
  • Responds well to spray buffing with all speeds of buffing equipment.
  • Stands up to traffic with minimum maintenance
  • Exhibits exceptional wear properties.
General Specifications
Name Shinekeeper
Product Type Long Lasting Floor Polish
Unit Sizes 4 & 25 litre
Physical Properties  
pH 9.0 ± 0.5
Non-Volatile Matter 20%
Specific Gravity 1.030
Drying Time 30 minutes – dependant upon conditions
Coverage 50 – 80m²/litre