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Armstrong Flooring’s Hybrid / Rigid Core Flooring combines maximum durability with showstopping designs. Our Hybrid / Rigid Core flooring is a great choice for people who want flooring that looks as realistic as possible while providing protection from dents, water, scratches and stains — the challenges of life that floors face daily. The reason that Hybrid / Rigid Core flooring performs so well is because of how it's made. Hybrid layered construction combines the best attributes of multiple flooring types to bring you all the features you could want in a floor.

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PRYZM Hybrid Luxury Flooring is skillfully engineered for people who desire beautifully authentic design that will withstand the test of time. We've combined unmatched durability, realistic textures and inspiring visuals to bring you flooring that meets your lifestyle demands.

  • PRYZM Coastal Spotted Gum Swatch Large
  • PRYZM Coastal Spotted Gum
  • PRYZM Flooded Gum
  • PRYZM Flooded Gum Swatch Large
  • PRYZM Mountain Ash Aged
  • PRYZM Mountain Ash Aged Swatch Large
  • PRYZM Mountain Ash Charred
  • PRYZM Mountain Ash Charred Swatch Large
  • PRYZM Mountain Ash Smoked
  • PRYZM Mountain Ash Smoked Swatch Large
  • PRYZM Oceanside Oak
  • PRYZM Oceanside Oak Swatch Large
  • PRYZM Riverbank Oak
  • PRYZM Riverbank Oak Swatch Large
  • PRYZM Seaspray Mist
  • PRYZM Seaspray Mist Swatch Large