hom Homogeneous Sheet Natural White*: 4J105311

Item Number 4J105311
Collection MEDINTONE With Diamond 10 Technology
Color Natural White*
Size 2.0 m x 18 m x 2.0 mm

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Harnessing the properties of cultured diamonds, our Diamond10™ technology results in a flooring solution that is simply unmatched. This industry-leading protection is the preferred choice for architects, interior designers and contractors wishing to combine aesthetics with reliable performance. Scoring a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Diamond10™ technology stands up to soiling, staining and scratching.

Armstrong Flooring offer ColourArt™ homogeneous sheet flooring in a range of beautiful colours and design concepts. Providing a fresh appearance while also assisting in wayfinding, ColourArt™ Medintone™ flooring provide an unbeatable flooring solution for healthcare and educational environments.

Reasons to Specify:

  • Tough as Diamond - Unique formulation with diamond infused surface and Market leading scratch, stain and scuff resistance.
  • Easy to Maintain - Outstanding Dirt and Stain-Resistant qualities for easy cleaning and maintenance. Enhanced appearance retention. No Burnishing required.
  • Slip Resistance - AUS Engineered coating provides added slip resistance to achieve R10 and P3 Rating.
  • More Durable - Industrial Heavy rating (Class 43 heavy duty). Market leading coating thickness. Type 1 for Binder content.
  • Chemical Resistance - Next Generation Chemical Resistance. Prevent medicament and strong acid/alkali from damage to flooring. Anti-Static performance.

Special Order:

1. DIAMOND 10™ P3/R10: Minimum order quantities 1250m2 apply, 12 weeks lead time

2. DIAMOND 10™ P2/R9: Minimum order quantities as 1 Full Roll, 12 weeks lead time.


* Australian Stocked Range

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General Specifications
Item Number 4J105311
Item Name Natural White*
Collection MEDINTONE With Diamond 10 Technology
Visual Specifications
Color Natural White*
Shape Sheet
Physical Specifications