hom Homogeneous Sheet MEDINTONE with Diamond 10 Technology


Harnessing the properties of cultured diamonds, our Diamond10™ technology results in a flooring solution that is simply unmatched. This industry-leading protection is the preferred choice for architects, interior designers and contractors wishing to combine aesthetics with reliable performance. Scoring a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Diamond10™ technology stands up to soiling, staining and scratching.

Armstrong Flooring offer ColourArt™ homogeneous sheet flooring in a range of beautiful colours and design concepts. Providing a fresh appearance while also assisting in wayfinding, ColourArt™ Medintone™ flooring provide an unbeatable flooring solution for healthcare and educational environments.

Global GreenTag Certified | Level A

Global GreenTag Certified | Level A

Armstrong’s Medintone™ Diamond 10™ has successfully passed the relevant GreenTag Standard’s Cautionary Assessment Process with a Level A certification.

Minimum order quantities and longer lead times apply

Minimum order quantities and longer lead times apply

Items marked as special orders require a minimum order quantity of 1 full roll per colour. Please contact your Local Sales Representative or Armstrong Customer Service on 1800 632 624 for more information.



Products displayed are available locally for "QUICK SHIP" from our Australian warehouses. Contact Customer Services for availability of products tagged as "Special Order" (Local stock levels may vary depending upon demand).

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  • Color



Type of floor covering

ISO 10581

Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl

Coating DIAMOND 10™ P3/R10 (Australian formulation)


Overall Thickness

ISO 24346

2.0 mm

Roll Dimensions ISO 24341 2 x 18 metres
Product Weight ISO 23997 3.0kg/m2

Binder Content

ISO 10581

Type 1

Wear resistance (volume loss)

EN 660-2

Group T

Residual Indentation ISO 24343-1 ≤ 0.10mm (PASS)
Dimensional Stability ISO 23999 ≤ 0.4%
Castor Chair ISO 4918 Pass
Flexibilty ISO 24344 methold A Pass 20mm mandrel
Seam Strength ISO 16906 ≥ 240 (PASS)
Colour Fastness ISO 105-B02 ≥ 6 (PASS)
Resistance to Staining ISO 26987 0 (No Stain)

Slip Resistance

Appendix A: Wet Pendulum

Appenfix D: Oil-wet Inclining Platform

AS 4586

Slider 96





Fire Resistance (Flooring)

Critical Radiant Flux

Smoke Development Rate

ISO 9239-1




>11kW/m2 (PASS)

≤750%. Minutes (PASS)

Fire Resistance (Walling)

Cone Calorimeter

Average specific extinction area

AS 5637.1




Group 3


Classification (Use Area) ISO 10874 Light Industrial: 43 (Heavy)
Commercial: 34 (Very Heavy)

Antistatic Resistance


EN1815 Method A and


≤2kV (PASS)


Best Practice PVC YES
GreenTag GreenRate Level A YES

Please note: Recommendations are for guidance only. Refer to relevant local, state, and federal construction codes and standards for requirements. Variations may occur between photographic images, samples and batches in terms of colour, shade, pattern or similar. All measurements are nominal.

* For details refer to individual third party certificates.

Reasons to Specify

  • Tough as Diamond - Unique formulation with diamond infused surface and Market leading scratch, stain and scuff resistance.
  • Easy to Maintain - Outstanding Dirt and Stain-Resistant qualities for easy cleaning and maintenance. Enhanced appearance retention. No Burnishing required.
  • Slip Resistance - AUS Engineered coating provides added slip resistance to achieve R10 and P3 Rating.
  • More Durable - Industrial Heavy rating (Class 43 heavy duty). Market leading coating thickness. Type 1 for Binder content.
  • Chemical Resistance - Next Generation Chemical Resistance. Prevent medicament and strong acid/alkali from damage to flooring. Anti-Static performance.