hom Homogeneous Sheet

Australian Made & Imported Homogenous Sheet Ranges

The Armstrong Flooring collection of homogeneous vinyl floor covering includes a wide selection of chip designs, marbled and directional patterns and colours. Thanks to its versatility and many benefits, it can be used in almost any application. The majority of Armstrong Flooring's Homogenous sheet ranges are also proudly manufactured in Australia.

Reasons to Specify Homogeneous Sheet

  • The colours in our Homogenous Sheet ranges are influenced by Australian Design industry research and product development.
  • Our Homogenous Sheet ranges complement each other perfectly, allowing you to mix and match in various areas.
  • Other than Medintone, all of our Homogenous Sheet Ranges are proudly Australian Made in our Manufacturing Plant in Braeside, Victoria.


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HOM Product Structure

HOM Product Structure

Performance: Rolling load/impact resistance
Wear Layer: Entire product

  1. Commercial Coating
    • Scratch, scuff, and stain performance:
      Appearance retention
  2. True Through-Pattern Wear Layer
    • Pattern/color wear performance:
      High durability Abrasion and gouge resistance Dimensional stability