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General Specifications

Available Sizes  

Roll Length EN 426 (ISO 2431):  25m
Roll Width EN 426 (ISO 2431): 1.83m
Gauge (Thickness) Total Thickness EN 428 (ISO 24346): 2.0mm
Wear Layer Thickness EN 429: 0.55mm
International Specifications Classification (Use Area) EN ISO 10874:  Commercial 43, Industrial 42
Installation & Maintenance
Maintenance Options Routine care:
Daily: Sweep, vacuum, static mop. Regularly damp mop, wet scrub and burnish; use Once ‘n Done floor cleaner (*or similar pH 7.0-8.5 neutral cleaner). Frequency and type of maintenance required depends on traffic flow, application, environmental conditions and customer requirements. Light and accent colours can require more maintenance, where practical choose darker, more camouflaging colours.  
Adhesive Field Area SV-200, chemical seam seal