het Heterogeneous Sheet Timberline Plus


Armstrong's new TIMBERLINE® PLUS range of Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring s now available with improved P3 Slip Resistance and a 0.7 mm Performance Wear Layer, which provides improved abrasion resistance.

Showcasing a broad colour pallete of strikingly authentic wood effects, this designer friendly floor covering resonates a rustic charm.

The combination of warm, natural hues and ease of maintenance makes TIMBERLINE® PLUS ideal for a broad assortment of spaces.

Hospitals | Aged Care | Retirement Facilities | Educational | Child Care Centres | Food Courts | Dining Rooms | Recreational Environments | Retail Spaces

Reasons to Specify:
• Improved P3 & R10 Slip Resistance
• Classified as Commercial 34 Very Heavy and Industrial 43 Heavy based on  0.7mm Wear Layer attributes
• High-performance Aluminium Oxide coating resists soil, stains, scratches, scuffs and abrasions
• Protective Polyurethane Wear Layer reduces initial and ongoing maintenance
• Global Green Tag Green Rate Level A
• Standard 15 Year Warranty

Contact your Local Sales Representative or Armstrong Flooring Customer Service on 1800 632 624 or customer_services@armstrongflooring.com for more information.


Timberline Plus Product Structure

1. Aluminium Oxide Coating

  • Highest Scratch, Stain and Scuff resistance
  • Dirt and Stain resistant qualities for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Enhanced appearance retention

2. Performance Wear Layer

  • Textured surface for realistic visuals
  • Abrasion resistance

3. Designer Print Visual

4. Fiberglass-Reinforced Base 

  • Dimensional stability
  • Impact/indentation resistance

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General Specifications

Available Sizes  

Roll Length EN 426 (ISO 2431):  25m
Roll Width EN 426 (ISO 2431): 1.83m
Gauge (Thickness) Total Thickness EN 428 (ISO 24346): 2.0mm
Wear Layer Thickness EN 429: 0.7mm
International Specifications Classification (Use Area) EN ISO 10874:  Commercial 34, Industrial 43
Installation & Maintenance
Maintenance Options Routine care:
Daily: Sweep, vacuum, static mop. Regularly damp mop, wet scrub and burnish; use Once ‘n Done floor cleaner (*or similar pH 7.0-8.5 neutral cleaner). Frequency and type of maintenance required depends on traffic flow, application, environmental conditions and customer requirements. Light and accent colours can require more maintenance, where practical choose darker, more camouflaging colours.  
Adhesive Field Area SV-200, chemical seam seal
TECHNICAL DATA                            TIMBERLINE PLUS

Type of floor covering


Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl

Manufacturing Standard

ISO 10582

Type 1 Binder content


ISO 10874 Commercial:  34
Industrial:  43

Surface treatment


PUR + Aluminum Oxide Coating

Wear Resistance

EN 660-2

Group T

Wear layer thickness

ISO 24340


Total thickness

ISO 24346


Roll length

ISO 24341


Roll Width

ISO 24341



ISO 23997

2.7 kg/m2




Residual indentation

ISO 24343-1

<0.10 mm (PASS)

Effect of castor chair

ISO 4918


Colour fastness

ISO 105-B02 (Method 3)

>6 (PASS)


ISO 24344 (Method A)

20mm mandrel, no cracking (PASS)

Chemical resistance


Good Resistance (full tests can be supplied on request)

Dimensional stability

ISO 23999

<0.4% (PASS)

Curling after exposure to heat

ISO 23999

<8 mm (PASS)

Seam strength

ISO 16906


Fire Resistance - ISO 9239-1


Critical Radiant Flux

  ≥ 8 kW/m2 (PASS)

Smoke Development Rate

  ≤ 750 %.min (PASS)


Rustic Beech

Rustic Beech

Arcadian Oak, Linearis

Alchemy, Mahogany


Surit, Solu, Obra, Luci, Calde, Blanc

Plank size (within pattern) - nominal

Random lengths between

795-329mm x 65mm

Random lengths between

795-329mm x 65mm

1269mm x 180mm

Oak 1264mm x 90mm

Obra 1250 x 90,

Luci 625 x 100,

Solu, Calde, Blanc 625 x 112.5

Pattern repeat (mm)

  900 x 1250
(½ Dropped)

1800 x 1250

900 x 1250 (½ Dropped)

900 x 1250

Slip Resistance AS/NZS 4586:2013 (2004)

Surface Embossing






Appendix A: Wet Pendulum






Appendix D: Oil-wet ramp







  Full Spread adhesive. Install to AS1884:2012


  Heat welded with matching weld rod, chemical seam seal (follow manufacturer’s instructions)

Recommended Adhesive

  Armstrong Flooring; Full spread SV-200, Coving & Accessories: SC-100 Contact Adhesive


  Interior commercial areas with high traffic and light industrial areas, e.g. Medical centres, nursing homes, offices, storerooms, production halls, department stores, schools, hospitals. Also suitable for residential applications.


  South Korea


  Armstrong Flooring Pty Ltd instructions regarding adhesives, installation, cleaning and maintenance should be observed. Please contact Armstrong Flooring for details.

NOTE; Printed images may vary from actual samples, variation in colour may occur between batches, Dimensions are nominal