New Beginning

New Beginning Extra Strength Cleaner and Stripper is a new generation, mop-on, mop-off floor stripper formulated to easily remove acrylic and metalised acrylic seals and floor polishes from all Armstrong sheet vinyl and vinyl tile floor surfaces with a minimum amount of labour.

Simply mop-on, allow ten minutes for the old finish to be emulsified and then mop-off or pick-up with a wet and dry vacuum.

New Beginning has the important benefit of being 100% volatile and therefore leaves no excess alkali or detergent residue. If the slurry, being old and emulsified film, is thoroughly removed from the floor a rinsing process is not necessary, although it is recommended in domestic applications, or when used by inexperienced operators.

Features & Benefits

  • Mop-on, mop-off stripper
  • Leaves no excess alkali or detergent residue


General Specifications
Name New Beginning
Product Type Extra Strength Cleaner and Stripper
Unit Sizes 1, 4 & 25 litre