In the highly competitive world of retail, it is important to not only create an environment that is inviting and attractive, but also create an experience that will encourage customers to spend time and money in your store, and excite them to come back again and again.

Your brand sets you apart, and flooring plays a key role in conveying your brand message and reinforcing your brand image. So, at Armstrong Flooring, we create stunning visuals, flexible layout options, and durability to help you create and maintain an atmosphere that attracts customers and encourages repeat visits for years to come.

Key Considerations For Retail Flooring

From boutiques to mass merchants, retail businesses require a unique blend of prioritizing both design and performance. With our portfolio of products, you always get both.

Design for your brand with stunning visuals and a wide colour palette across all flooring types, creating an atmosphere that attracts customers and encourages repeat visits. Want a custom design to make your brand unforgettable? At Armstrong Flooring, we have the flooring for that.

We take pride in providing flooring that holds up to the masses of foot traffic, while relying industry-leading scratch, stain, and scuff resistance to keep your floors looking newer, longer.

Brand Identity

From neighbourhood shops to large department stores, retail markets require flooring material conducive to the shopping environment. Flooring is a key part of the design aesthetic and can make a difference when competing for foot traffic with similar shops. Armstrong Flooring’s custom design capabilities allows you to design floors based on your desired brand image and stand out in a crowded market




The floors in retail environment must withstand exceedingly high foot traffic along with rolling loads. The balance between ease and effectiveness of maintenance to return the floor to like-new conditions are important in maintaining a clean, polished look. It is important for flooring to not only looks good but is durable enough for the intended space. Armstrong’s wide range of flooring products include special wear layers ensuring good looking, comfortable and durable surfaces for your staff and customers.