Flooring Solutions for Healthcare

Healthy environments support the healing process, and that begins at the ground level. By using evidenced-based design, Armstrong Flooring continually seeks to create flooring solutions that contribute to greater connection, safety, and overall wellbeing.

By implementing designs inspired by nature, healthcare settings immerse the principles of the natural world into a space for patients to encourage healing and rejuvenation. It’s in this manner that a well-designed, well thought out portfolio of flooring products can provide the tools needed to create an inspiring and restorative space for all patient care.

Whether it’s durability, infection control, maintenance, or acoustics needs, we’ve already thought it through — providing world-class flooring as a foundation to world-class care.

Key Considerations for Healthcare Flooring

Flooring is a high-impact surface and an investment you trust to maintain its original beauty through years of use, with minimal effort spent on maintenance. These qualities, and many more, are ever present in our healthcare floor offerings. Armstrong Flooring offers comforting, homelike products to help create an environment that provides a calming influence for patients and family members. Healthcare staff’s welfare.

Safety and Durability

One of the key considerations for flooring in a healthcare setting is ensuring safety of the patients and of the healthcare staff. Proper flooring is essential in preventing slips and healthcare-associated infections. Armstrong Flooring’s range of flooring products are designed to have state of the art slip resistance and are durable and easy to clean ensuring infection control through the floor surface.



A Calming Influence

A visit to a healthcare facility comes from a need rather than a want. One of the key goals of a healthcare facility is to reduce any anxiety or nervousness on part of their visitors. Flooring is essential in achieving those goals. Armstrong Floorings custom flooring solutions allow for creation of spaces designed to achieve specific goals and responses from visitors and staff alike.


Hospital and medical facilities are complex spaces with multiple zones and pathways. Flooring can provide an easy solution in aiding wayfinding through the various spaces. Armstrong Floorings custom design capabilities allows you to create unique flooring solutions aiding in easy traversal through corridors and wings inherent in many hospitals and healthcare complexes.