Designing the perfect space in education environment, whether for a preschool, a primary school, a secondary school or higher education, is a challenging job. You must create a space that will inspire students to learn, while keeping them safe and comfortable. From reducing allergens and promoting good air quality to withstanding heavy foot traffic, school floors contribute greatly to the health, safety and comfort of students and instructors alike. Armstrong Flooring’s extensive range of school flooring products and coordinated accessories offer high-performance designs in brilliant color palettes that harmoniously blend with your other interior finishes.

Key Considerations for Education Flooring

At Armstrong Flooring, our vast palette of colours provide endless design options. Practical wayfinding that confidently leads a child to the classroom, or building school spirit through intricate, customized designs — colour is abundant for designing healthy and attractive environments.


Kids run or jump when they should be walking, and it’s not unusual for them to be carrying (and dropping) heavy or awkward books, backpacks , or school projects. The floor faces an entirely different set of onslaughts than, say, a doctor’s or realtor’s office.

So, when choosing commercial flooring for schools and classrooms, safety should be the first priority. That means you want flooring that has some traction and isn’t rock hard.



Source of Inspiration

Safe and pleasing surroundings can inspire children. Design and layout, along with facilities and resources all play a vital role in the creation of a dynamic space conducive to learning where all stakeholders feel a deep sense of pride and ownership.

Integral to a flexible design scheme, the choice of floorcoverings will have a major impact on the overall ‘feel’ of an educational building. Floors that are bright and colourful, classic or contemporary, can add character to a lively modern building as well as meeting the functional performance standards of many different spaces.