In a hospitality space, design sets businesses apart. Visual appeal — and the atmosphere that design creates — will mold any guest’s first impression. Armstrong Flooring offers flooring products to help you create world-class experiences for guests, with the performance to meet lofty business expectations.

From the demanding food-service industry to the luxury of hotel stays, we have the perfect flooring choice for every space where performance and beauty meet.

Key Considerations for Hospitality Flooring

Durability and Ease of Cleaning

Patrons expect the restaurant to be sparkling clean, and that’s not always easy to achieve. Spills, drips and dropped food or utensils are facts of life in the restaurant business, so you need flooring that is quick and easy to clean. Restaurant floors take a beating, with heavy foot traffic as well as spills. You need flooring that can withstand the wear and tear of daily operations for many years to come. Armstrong Flooring provides a range of flooring solutions which are easy to clean and maintain




Floorings in hospitality setting must fit into the broader design vision and aesthetic to give customers and optimal experience. Armstrong Flooring’s custom design capabilities allow you to create a space based on the needs and demand of your potential customer base.