Design My Room

See How It Looks In Your Room


Developed to help you find the floor you’ve been searching for, Design My Room provides you with a fast and easy way of viewing any floor on our website in your home with a quick photo upload. Used either on desktop, tablet or mobile – there’s no app needed!


How To Use Design My Room


Take a photo of your room

Use your phone, tablet or even your digital camera to take a photo of the room/s you would like to put new flooring in.


  1. Image no smaller than 500KB and no larger than 5MB
  2. Image to include 2/3 flooring if your room is currently furnished




Select Design My Room to upload

The top navigation bar on our website has a Design My Room CTA. Select this to upload your room photo (if you are on desktop, you will need to save the room image to your computer first!). You can also launch Design My Room without selecting a product:


View your new look!

Design My Room will automatically apply your selected flooring to your room, giving you a realistic review of what the floor would look like installed in your home. Use the filters to streamline your favourites as you select from hundreds of flooring styles and colours available.