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We always appreciate the fantastic contours and varied forms of landscapes in nature. Running water nearby and hills in the distance amaze us with the uncanny workmanship that nature renders. Irregular contours and overlapping reflections form varying combinations of patterns, and matched with the application of earth tones and colors, the beauty of artistic conception mimics the beautiful landscape all around us.

Paisaje-Brickans Carpet Tile is a durable solution for the commercial space. Armstrong Flooring offers an extensive selection of colors and designs – all with easy installation and maintenance. And the PRO-CARE system helps to ensure carpet tile looks newer, longer.

  • PRO-CARE Fiber — Rich in color and easy to clean with high color fastness
  • PRO-CARE Self+ Guard — Carpet surface treatment for three dimensions (waterproof, anti-oil, and anti-fouling) provides comprehensive protection to make daily cleaning easy
  • PRO-CARE Ag+ Guard — Using the most advanced Ag+ silver ion, which continuously prohibits a bacterial component, results in lasting and effective protection against various bacteria breeding
  • PRO-CARE Backing — The whole product line uses the unique PRO-CARE Backing with ortho-benzene plasticizer. In line with the latest EU regulation, benzene-based plasticizers have been adopted to make our products much safer and less toxic for both the environment and users
  • PRO-CARE Sticker — Non-toxic and environmentally friendly transparent adhesive sticker that is an efficient, convenient and economical new installation method without glue 

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